What is Non- Cognizable Offence ?

  1. Meaning: Non-Cognizable = not able to be apprehended.
  2. Definition: S.2.(1) (Cr.P.C.) Non-Cognizable offence means an offence for which and Non-Cognizable Case means a case in which, a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant.
  3. Non-cognizable offences are not so much serious as cognizable offences.
  4. Sec. 155 Cr.P.C. provides that the police officer is not competent to receive and record FIR pertaining to the offence of non-cognizable offences, unless he obtains permission from the Magistrate.
  5. In non-cognizable offences, the police cannot arrest any person without warrant.
  6. In non-cognizable offence, police has a duty to obtain permission first from the Magistrate and then investigates the case.