Balaram Babu Shinde

  • Rank & Unit :-Head Constable,Bukle No. 1258 Verna Ps

  • Native Place :- Saroli,Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur

  • Father Name and address :-Babu Shinde, Saroli, Kanadevadi,Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur.

  • Date of Birth :- 06.02.1946

  • Date of joining the force :- 20.01.1969

  • Date of Sacrificing life :- 24.04.2000

  • Place of Martyrdom :- GMC, Bombolim

  • Awards/Rewards/Distinction :-1-GST & 1-Reward with cash

  • Educational Qualification :- Std. Xth Pass

  • Rank of joining the force :- Police Constable

  • Brief of Incident

    :- On 04-04-2000 Shri. Balaram B. Shinde, HC-1258 along with Shri. Gunaji K. Govenkar, PC-4028, and Shri. Rajan R. Morajkar PC-4466 were performing duties. At around 16:15 hrs while performing duties a violent unruly mob of about 200 people stormed the Police Out Post ransacked the articles and records of the Police Out Post. The said Head Constable Shri. Balaram B. Shinde resisted the mob with the help of above two Police Constables, however the mob started attacking the Police personnels. The said HC Shri. Balaram B. Shinde and the other two constables went inside the kitchen room and shut the door, however boisterous mob broke open the door and by putting infalameble material set ablaze Police Out Post Cortalim. However Shri. Balaram B. Shinde, HC-1258 and other two constables managed to come out of burning Police Out Post, Cortalim and in that Shri. Rajan R. Morajkar PC-4466 and Shri. Gunaji K. Govekar PC-4028, sustained burn injuries. Shri. Balaram B. Shinde, HC-1258 requested for the help from the locals. However, he was assaulted by the member of the unruly mob causing him serious injuries. Shri. Balaram B. Shinde, HC-1258 was admitted on 04-04-2000 in G.M.C. Bambolim in ward No. 108 in unconscious state and his condition was serious and on 23-04-2000 at 18:15 hrs he succumbed to the injuries.